Visual Setlist Analysis

Heavy Metal Business Intelligence: A Visual Data Exploration of Metallica's 30 Years on the Road

Interactive map and setlist analysis for every show on record. Filter down the results using the checkboxes on the right (or by clicking on a city on the map), and the shows in the results pane will filter accordingly. Once you find the show you're looking for, you'll be able to see the rarity and statistical significance of that particular song on that night based on that point in time.

Show and song data from, location and distances calculated by Google Maps API, song length data from MusicBrainz database, visualization software by Tableau Public, and putting it all together courtesy of Me.

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Adding new stuff all the time and will be refreshed after every 2012+ Metallica show and festival. Think of anything that should be here but isn't, see anything that is wrong? Leave a comment, mate!