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5 January 2011 1 Comment

Poking the Pot Roast of life, Hard

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut, hey, we all do – but how you deal with it is what separates us from common wildebeests. Most people? They do nothing – they are totally fine with having an unfulfilled albeit mostly “comfortable” existence. Sounds crazy? Nope. Its the middle-class American way. Follow the rules, color […]

19 August 2010 1 Comment

Developers, IT Nerds, Useless Tech People – stop wielding “knowledge” like it was Geek Bravado weaponry

I’m sorry – but who the fuck cares that you can recite X, Y, and Z off the top of your head. Is its relevant and useful? Generally, no. Are you helping the situation, project or issue? No. There is a word for out-of-context over-information like that… Banal Minutiae. Google search makes glorified know-it-alls obsolete. […]

16 July 2009 2 Comments

I don’t mind ugly people, but I do mind people who make ugly faces…

I saw a girl today crossing the street in front of me as I patiently sat at a red light. My first reaction was pretty neutral – I thought, “Eh, its just some cute, young college girl” – my city is full of them due to all the schools in the capital district, and they […]

15 July 2009 2 Comments

The State of Flow, Hidden Passions, and Drudgery

Have you ever had an activity that you became totally lost in – where time either flashed by in an instant or seemed to stand still – your entire concentration was on that task at hand and the rest of the world just kind of faded away temporarily? Well, then you have experienced the “State […]