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30 August 2013 4 Comments

Enterprise IT: Why does “having a job” and good software have to be mutually exclusive?

We’ve all heard that ‘witty’ interjection – usually after explaining (or complaining about) a very complicated software procedure (typically administrative / operational in nature) someone will always say something like “Hey, that’s why we have jobs!” (or, if consulting, “that’s why you’re here”, etc)….. Why can’t we have both?

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5 January 2011 1 Comment

Poking the Pot Roast of life, Hard

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut, hey, we all do – but how you deal with it is what separates us from common wildebeests. Most people? They do nothing – they are totally fine with having an unfulfilled albeit mostly “comfortable” existence. Sounds crazy? Nope. Its the middle-class American way. Follow the rules, color […]

8 September 2010 8 Comments

Cut-N-Paste Corner: PHP function – Dynamically Round up to nearest 10, 100, 1000 or whatever (Graphing Axis Sex Toy)

One from the “Random-Shit-Pulled-Out-of-the-Junk-Drawer” Department… as I sit here and watch my beloved Red Sox cement their way OUT of playoffs… {sigh} Here’s a little function I use when building sexy little graphs in my PHP Reporting / Web Interfaces. Its good to calculate a MAX value for the graph axis. Since we never know […]

19 August 2010 1 Comment

Developers, IT Nerds, Useless Tech People – stop wielding “knowledge” like it was Geek Bravado weaponry

I’m sorry – but who the fuck cares that you can recite X, Y, and Z off the top of your head. Is its relevant and useful? Generally, no. Are you helping the situation, project or issue? No. There is a word for out-of-context over-information like that… Banal Minutiae. Google search makes glorified know-it-alls obsolete. […]

5 August 2010 0 Comments

Fuck, sales, leads, & sign-ups. You know what has the BEST conversion rate ever?

Smile at people. Oh, that’s right – I just dropped a feel-good knowledge bomb on you of EPIC proportions. I guarantee that if you look people in the eyes and smile at them – regardless if its a cashier, toll booth worker, random ass-pony on the street, cute girls (or dudes) at a bar, or […]

4 August 2010 1 Comment

What Sookie Stackhouse can teach you about being a better blogger

TrueBlood. Killer show. Let’s face it. It really is a weird-ass perfect storm of timing, promotion, and just straight up quality storytelling. Don’t even dare to compare it with those Justin-Beiber-esque-Saved-by-the-Bell-type-Vampire-Twilight-Movies that are currently sweeping the minds and loins of young teens these days. They are an inferior product – vamprires (fictional or not) do […]

30 December 2009 4 Comments

Get Clicky Android Widget = Awesomely Convenient

If you’re like me (exactly maybe, as scary as that might be) and have a Motorola Droid, and use Clicky for awesome and simple web analytics – you’ll want this. Its only 1 dollar – which is the same as a double cheeseburger at McDonalds (if you local vendors participate – since we all know […]

4 August 2009 0 Comments

You can pet my Goat. Just wash your hands first, please.

I tried to feed a goat a tin can once. He wouldn’t eat it. Cartoons have steered me wrong once again. Besides… the supervising Goat master scolded me before the Goat had a chance to fully understand the situation he was being put in. Maybe that particular Goat had diabetes and wasn’t allowed to eat […]

14 July 2009 1 Comment

Bike Path + Reflective Sunglasses = Mean Walkers

This is just a test of the FlipCam + uploading to YouTube + Posting in WordPress. Don’t expect anything amazing.

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