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22 April 2013 1 Comment

Facts, Stories, Conveyance: Postmortem “Data Viz Advice” from a famous American street photographer

Just got back from SF – one of the things we did was visit the Museum of Modern Art – the building is a wonder in itself, but obviously the museum hosts countless photographs and art installations from many famous (and not so famous) artists. I had no idea I’d find inspiration that can be DIRECTLY applied to modern data visualization practices. Advice that doesn’t get followed as much as it should…

1 April 2013 1 Comment

Going Yard: Using MLB data and Tableau 8 to “re-imagine” Homeruns in PetCo Park – “The Business Case”

Answering life’s Big Questions with Data Viz: The San Diego Padres are changing the wall dimensions for their home stadium, PetCo Park, for the 2013 MLB season. In a notoriously large “pitchers park”, how might this change affect the amount of Homeruns, the Padres record, and (possibly) ticket sales?