17 December 2013 25 Comments

Connecting Tableau to ElasticSearch (READ: How to query ElasticSearch with Hive SQL and Hadoop)

I’ve been a big fan of ElasticSearch the since last Spring. Put simply, it’s a search server based on Apache Lucene. But in all honestly, it’s really a massively scalable, auto-balancing, redundant, NoSQL data-store plus a full search and analytics server.

But, if I’m storing a ton of data in ES, I certainly can’t use Tableau, since ES querying is strictly RESTful… or can I?

17 July 2012 3 Comments

Cars, Computers and Software: Quick Tableau of data from my VW’s “On Board Diagnostic” (OBDII) port

Just a quick little one-off I did over the weekend while testing some stuff. I’ve been toying with a couple of USB>OBD2 adapters and some linux scripts for a few days in order to spec out and build a much-bigger car-based “data” project.

But in the meantime…