16 July 2009 2 Comments

I don’t mind ugly people, but I do mind people who make ugly faces…

I saw a girl today crossing the street in front of me as I patiently sat at a red light. My first reaction was pretty neutral - I thought, "Eh, its just some cute, young college girl" - my city is full of them due to all the schools in the capital district, and they all seem to want to live in my area too.

They're like cockroaches with designer purses and huge sunglasses.

(think Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intentions meets House Bunny)

But then a funny thing happened - she must have seen something across the street, or thought of something disagreeable and suddenly her face twisted into a snarl that I can only describe as utter disgust (and before you say it, No, its NOT because she saw ME either - she was totally oblivious to any type of automobile, mobile or stationary, like a typical Albany pedestrian). It was like in 'The Ring' when they find that dead High School girl in the closet - just a twisted Stan Winston monster make-up face.


This one look totally changed my opinion of her. She went from "Cute" to a "Spoiled Asshole" in the blink of an eye. Granted, I don't know this person - and never will, but it just goes to show you how powerful your body language is at all times.

Why did this happen? I'll tell you.

You face is just a reflection of whats behind it. If you look dumb all the time, well... chances are, you aren't the sharpest crayon in the box.

When you scowl constantly for seemingly no reason - it tells me 3 things:

  1. you're constantly thinking of things that displease you (or EVERYTHING displeases you)
  2. you really don't appreciate anything
  3. are generally a super negative asshole

Think I'm over-reacting? Maybe a tad, but the very fact that I don't even KNOW this person makes my case much stronger. Why?

Its all about PERCEPTION, baby.

It doesn't matter if she's the nicest girl in the world who happened to step on skunk and made the face out of pure olfactory reactions. I saw what I saw and labeled her an ahole. Simple as that.

People who don't know us make snap judgements all day long - and I'd be willing to bet that they've got a 50% error rate, which is pretty good. That alone should tell you something about the importance of human communications through body language.

So do me a favor, next time your walking down the street and you're aware that people are looking at you.

Smile for a change.

You never know what kind of opportunity might knock when you aren't scaring people away with your jerky facial attacks.