5 January 2011 1 Comment

Poking the Pot Roast of life, Hard

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut, hey, we all do - but how you deal with it is what separates us from common wildebeests. Most people? They do nothing - they are totally fine with having an unfulfilled albeit mostly "comfortable" existence.

Sounds crazy? Nope.

Its the middle-class American way.

Follow the rules, color in the lines, do what youre told and one day (if you're REALLY obedient) the retirement fairy will take you away to Utopian bliss, well that is, if you consider driving the Hoveround around the Grand Canyon in search of a diaper vending machine, Utopian bliss.

Don't rock the boat. Just go with the flow. Come in to work on time. Don't fight with your sister. Keep your hands inside the bus at all times. (Ok, maybe those last 2 are reasonable)

The only way to be truly exceptional is to set out to BE truly exceptional - and you can't do that by waiting in line for your turn to come around.

I'll cut to the chase.

Almost three weeks ago I quit my job as a programmer for a pretty cool New York State agency. Honestly, it was a fine job, the pay was good, the benefits were great. All that was REALLY expected of me was to come in on time and follow (all) the rules. Basically be a cubicle droid for the next 30 years. Nice.

It wasn't for me. So what did I do? I left and didn't look back. I don't even have a job to land safely into. But you know what? Who cares. I am now 100% in charge of my own destiny and direction - my accomplishments will be mine alone - and my failures will be judged only by me.

What really shocked me were the responses from many other state workers upon hearing about my resignation.

"How will you pay your mortgage and all your bills?"

"In this economy?"

People seem so trained to think of life as this ultra linear amusement park ride. Birth at the beginning, death at the end - and hitting all the "white-bread common-status-quo" lumps in between. Just like the car ahead of you, and him, and her, etc.

Fuck it. I've never been a conventional guy - so its about time I started embracing that fact.

Whats next? Freelancing, business-building, & muse-finding.

Breaking' out the crazy shit in 2011.

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