4 August 2009 0 Comments

You can pet my Goat. Just wash your hands first, please.

I tried to feed a goat a tin can once.
He wouldn't eat it.

Cartoons have steered me wrong once again.

Besides... the supervising Goat master scolded me before the Goat had a chance to fully understand the situation he was being put in. Maybe that particular Goat had diabetes and wasn't allowed to eat my tuna can. I'll never be sure. I generally don't eat tin cans, but if I did, it would have been delicious, I can tell.

I have to say, honestly, If there is anything better than a goat, its a goat that you can walk up to and pet on the back of the head. Actually, its a goat that you can walk up to, pet on the back of the head and then proceed to feed garbage to - while obviously being protected by a sturdy 'Goat Barrier', because I don't know how the goat feels about killing me. Hopefully, he's against it... much like I am.

Imagine that. Killed by a goat. There'd be no evidence left.

Not to mention that fact the prosecutors wouldn't be able to get a single goat to take the stand in my defense. I think its a union thing, they can't turn on their own. I wouldn't rule out a Billygoat doing it, but they have much less credibility than Goats.