5 August 2010 0 Comments

Fuck, sales, leads, & sign-ups. You know what has the BEST conversion rate ever?

Smile at people.

Oh, that's right - I just dropped a feel-good knowledge bomb on you of EPIC proportions. I guarantee that if you look people in the eyes and smile at them - regardless if its a cashier, toll booth worker, random ass-pony on the street, cute girls (or dudes) at a bar, or even the fuggin' mailman - they will smile back in a genuine fashion probably 92.5% of the time (the remaining 7.5% are probably just miserable douchebags). Try it. Its an easy experiment that has a really "human" payoff.

We're social animals by nature.
Communication. Communication. Commnuication.

Think about that the next time you're in a meeting where the talking heads are trying to figure out how to "make big money on this social media thing". If you're still thinking like that you've (almost) already lost. Drink a Diet Coke and reboot. Just communicate genuinely with people and they'll commnuicate back. Think small-town hardware store / except on an online, global scale. THAT'S how business is going to be done 2010 and beyond.

The so-called 'Big box' store mentality is OUT.

Smiles and handshakes (even virtual ones) are in.

That's real fucking shit. I'm sorry @garyvee - but its true.

Its a culture thing. Get on it.

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