19 August 2010 1 Comment

Developers, IT Nerds, Useless Tech People – stop wielding “knowledge” like it was Geek Bravado weaponry

I'm sorry - but who the fuck cares that you can recite X, Y, and Z off the top of your head. Is its relevant and useful? Generally, no. Are you helping the situation, project or issue? No.

There is a word for out-of-context over-information like that...

Banal Minutiae.

Google search makes glorified know-it-alls obsolete.

I just don't get why so many IT / tech-types are obsessed with specific pointless bullshit in their particular development niche or language - instead of just focusing on SOLVING PROBLEMS? Why spend your whole career "stuck in the weeds"?

Technology changes, programming languages change...
Helping people kick ass in business? That's always in style.

Anything I talk about tech-wise (even if its lots of Python lately) - is used as a TOOL to solve a PROBLEM. We all know that next year there will be different tools. We

might solve them differently. Marrying yourself to one technology, language or approach is just crippling your usefulness as far as I'm concerned.

Use the right tool for the job, and move on to the next one.

End rant.

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